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Darden North's Fresh Frozen
Thursday, Oct 09, 2008

Darden North, a former resident of Cleveland, is releasing his third medical mystery Fresh Frozen this week and plans on attending Octoberfest for a book signing Saturday.

Dr. North, son of Evelyn Hays North and the late Linton Darden North, is an obstetrician/gynecologist practicing in partnership at Jackson Healthcare for Women, but found time to write during quiet hours and late night shifts at the hospital.

He has written two books House Call and Points of Origin, and has continued in this same vein in Fresh Frozen.

In Fresh Frozen, a young policeman and his tormented wife fail miserably to produce a family, finding themselves outcasts of the renewed baby boom sweeping the United States. However, there is one last hope for them: a catalogue of human embryo and egg donors peddled by a woman whose standards are easily dismissed for the right price. Pursuing their futile attempts to become parents has nearly cost the wife her life and pushed the couple to the brink of bankruptcy. This seemingly last chance for Wesley and Carrie Sarbeck to satisfy their place as parents in Middle America unknowingly tosses them in the midst of a grisly murder, the world of Hollywood celebrities, and a heist of freshly frozen human embryos.

The lives of Sarbeck, international superstar Allyn Saxton, and socialite Cheryl Choice unknowingly collide at the Van Deman Institute, once a decaying brick building complex just north of Jackson, but now a state-of-the-art center for the treatment of infertility. While an Internet voyeur and thief looks on, each of the three women has her own reason for entering the Institute. However, as a result of subjecting herself to a concoction of hormones and surgical procedures, one of the three is gruesomely murdered in an intriguing twist of human greed, mental torment and medical science.

You can also feel good about purchasing this book at his booth during Octoberfest. North will give a portion of each autograohed book sold during the weekend to the Delta State University School of Nursing.
North continues to hone his craft and promises readers will spend a late night curled up on the couch with Fresh Frozen.


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